White paint

Designing a playroom to coexist with a family room

If you saw my post a few weeks back, I finally shared our living room situation with the world. What you didn't see was the chaos next door – Henry's play area. It accompanies the adult space in our living room and knowing that would be the case, I set out to make it as pretty and organized as possible. I'm aware this post will probably make me look like a crazy perfectionist mom but know that it usually doesn't look this way. I do let my child play and make messes but who wants to see pictures of that, right ;)?

It's obviously far less challenging to organize and tidy when you have only one kiddo. And there could definitely be more toys. My friend Kelly sold me on the idea of rotating toys and I LOVE it. Old toys are new again every few weeks or so. It's especially useful for small spaces like ours and less stuff to "dump" which is basically what Henry's play is right now. Pick it up, shove it in his shopping cart, push the shopping cart, dump the shopping cart. Rinse and repeat. It's adorably messy. 

As for the design of this spot, it's pretty minimal and even a bit Nordic mostly because Ikea. I'm not above a plastic kitchen (ok maybe a little) but if given the choice, you're darn right I'm going to get the prettier one...even if it takes me all afternoon to assemble. That, the table and chairs, cubby shelf and the white frames are all Ikea. 

The wall art is a mix of stuff from our old condo and Henry's masterpieces. I see real talent in those scribbles and like the idea of changing it out as his art evolves.

The flush mount is a favorite of mine. When we moved in it was a dated spotlight and a little abrasive. I found this guy at CB2 and Mike installed it for me. I added an Edison bulb because it's pretty and softer on the eyes.

The rug is from West Elm. I bought this for Henry's nursery but it was scratchy and not very baby friendly so it's been rotated around other spaces in our home until it finally found it's forever spot here... forever being six to eight months until I get a bug to redo this space again. It's a real sickness, guys.


I have been toying with the idea for wallpaper on that far wall but I'm holding out for something that's just right. Not too childlike, not too adult. I do like the minimal look but I want the room to feel a bit warmer.

So there you have it, a play area with a little bit of style, a whole lot of fun and that feels cohesive with our adult space. Mostly, this room is our Thomas watching area with the occasional KUWTK when no one else is looking but most importantly, it's our place to hang out and be a family and that's what home is all about ;)