One Room Challenge Week 4: Furniture, layout and I did DIY thing


Another week down for the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home and I'm pretty pleased with the progress. To think in two weeks we'll have a completed baby room for a little guy that won't be here until September. That has to be some sort of record for preparedness. 

For impact, here again is the before of this room...

With painting complete, this past week I enlisted Mike's help for some of the furniture assembly. I went with the very basic Gulliver crib from Ikea in white. It looks fresh in the space while also a nice contrast to the midcentury dresser on the opposing wall. I'm still playing around with the bedding and of course pillows that will only be thrown to the side for the mother-loving fear of SIDS... but I can't help myself, the room will just not be complete without them (even on the ground).

The bookshelves are from Land of Nod. I like the storage they provide in a kind of a toy box/bookshelf hybrid. So much styling to do there. The side table is a nice solid piece that I scored for under $50 and works perfectly with the modern vibe. I also installed an affordable blackout Roman shade which is double duty pretty and functional (and so necessary).

For layout, I went with the crib placement on the farthest wall from our bedroom. It's better for everyone that way. I know myself and I'll run over for any sudden sound otherwise – ruining sleep for baby and selves. I mean it's another six feet away so it's not like I moved his crib to the basement but it might help a little. 

Other than furniture and layout, I did a little thing that may not seem too impressive for the more seasoned DIYer but since I'm not I'm a little pleased with myself...

This house is old and the doors are flat panel with probably original brass hardware. I don't have a problem with them – they speak to the simplicity of our home. We weren't drawn to this place for it's wow-factor character but to it's clean lines and seriously well considered layout. There is literally no better way to arrange the space in our home (trust me, I've spent hours thinking about it). Kudos to whoever designed and built probably a half million of them. So, despite being ok with the doors, they really did need some love. Exhibit A: The hinges. Original brass-turned-yuck. I've been semi-irritated with them since we moved in but the thought of taking down every door and putting on new hardware did not seem likely. And then one day I was at a friend's place and saw her husband just take one off a door (still hanging) and replace it with a new one. DUH! So simple! So I finally decided to try it out in our house starting here. 

Since I still like the old basic brass doorknobs we have, I bought new brass hinges at under $2 each to match.

It really was simple. Take one off, replace it with a new one and repeat. $6 a door plus a few new coats of paint and you have some pretty (be they basic) updated doors. If you were in the room they may not stand out but trust me, you would have noticed the grungy old ones. I took Mike into the room tonight and he may or may not have "oohed" ;)

And that was my week 4, folks. No, it's not the most labor intensive space to transform but at 22 weeks pregnant with a toddler and a business, I'm ok with it. In the end it, it will match the overall feel of the rest of our place and will be such a sweet little space to bring our boy home to. And speaking of... here he is at 21 weeks! Isn't technology amaaazing you guys? We're already so in love. 

Thanks for checking in! Next week I'll talk about the wallhanging I designed that my mom is probably hand-quilting as I type. It's by far going to be my favorite part of the room. Stay tuned and in the meantime, go see the other transformations happening on the One Room Challenge link up. Cheers!

Baby boy room reveal

Oh my this post is so long overdue! This little guy is over eight months old now and truly the cutest little thing. I was honored to be asked to put together his nursery and had so much fun in the process. You may recall the plans but it's been a while so I'll remind you...

With the wall color already up (Glacier Bay by Behr), I wanted to add accents that fit. This wasn't hard to do since a light blue- green is quickly becoming one of my favorite kid room neutrals. Not only does it blend well with so many other colors but it's something other than gray or a traditional baby blue. Don't get me wrong, I love those, too but in a kid's room it's fun to do something a little more unexpected. To make one of the walls even more fun, I chose the arrow decals (Etsy) – like wallpaper only a fraction of the price and way easier to install. I also like that once the baby phase is over, they're easy to remove for a different look. Although I think these guys can hang out for a while. 

For decor, I started with the black and white Ikea rug. (Side note: I love adding a rug to warm up a space and add some character...yes, even if it's already carpeted –trust me, it helps!) Black and white is a no-brainer in a baby's room (they dig the contrast) and this rug is pretty giant and affordable. It was an easy leap from black and white striped rug to black and white striped animal and so began the safari theme. I love this bedding from Land of Nod, don't you? Who doesn't love a baby animal? I carried that over to the zebra print for above the crib. 

To work with the wood trim in the room and for more texture, I brought in a leather moroccan pouf ottoman and then chose the Target shelf with the wood tone and the wood tone lamp. Unfortunately, the shelf was recalled so my client selected the white bookshelf in it's place. The floor lamp was nixed for safety purposes – totally get it. 

For wall art, I found the idea for the embroidery hoops on Etsy and my client used a local woman to make them –@posey_twine_embroidery on Instagram. They turned out so cute and these are actually embroidered instead of screen printed like the original ones I found. Win-win!

The rest of the furniture and window treatments were already in the space from their now toddler but I helped to pick out the glider. I know a thing or two about gliders from spending hours upon hours in ours so I get the importance of comfort. I love Babyletto for gliders and baby furniture. They're comfy and look so cool but cost far less than the aforementioned higher end store that we all know and love. Target also carries a lot of this line so shipping is usually free. The modern lines of this one help to blend the traditional look of the crib and changing table so the space feels more cohesive with the rest of the decor. 

For the final touches, I styled the bookshelf with existing toys and books and I found those canvas bins on Amazon. You can never have enough baskets and bins in a kids room to quickly give the appearance of clean ;) 

And there you have a cheery baby boy room. Maybe not your traditional baby blue but I love to see how kids rooms are evolving to so much more. This one is playful and bright but also stylish and something he can grow into. Such a fun project for such a fun family ;)

Designing a playroom to coexist with a family room

If you saw my post a few weeks back, I finally shared our living room situation with the world. What you didn't see was the chaos next door – Henry's play area. It accompanies the adult space in our living room and knowing that would be the case, I set out to make it as pretty and organized as possible. I'm aware this post will probably make me look like a crazy perfectionist mom but know that it usually doesn't look this way. I do let my child play and make messes but who wants to see pictures of that, right ;)?

It's obviously far less challenging to organize and tidy when you have only one kiddo. And there could definitely be more toys. My friend Kelly sold me on the idea of rotating toys and I LOVE it. Old toys are new again every few weeks or so. It's especially useful for small spaces like ours and less stuff to "dump" which is basically what Henry's play is right now. Pick it up, shove it in his shopping cart, push the shopping cart, dump the shopping cart. Rinse and repeat. It's adorably messy. 

As for the design of this spot, it's pretty minimal and even a bit Nordic mostly because Ikea. I'm not above a plastic kitchen (ok maybe a little) but if given the choice, you're darn right I'm going to get the prettier one...even if it takes me all afternoon to assemble. That, the table and chairs, cubby shelf and the white frames are all Ikea. 

The wall art is a mix of stuff from our old condo and Henry's masterpieces. I see real talent in those scribbles and like the idea of changing it out as his art evolves.

The flush mount is a favorite of mine. When we moved in it was a dated spotlight and a little abrasive. I found this guy at CB2 and Mike installed it for me. I added an Edison bulb because it's pretty and softer on the eyes.

The rug is from West Elm. I bought this for Henry's nursery but it was scratchy and not very baby friendly so it's been rotated around other spaces in our home until it finally found it's forever spot here... forever being six to eight months until I get a bug to redo this space again. It's a real sickness, guys.


I have been toying with the idea for wallpaper on that far wall but I'm holding out for something that's just right. Not too childlike, not too adult. I do like the minimal look but I want the room to feel a bit warmer.

So there you have it, a play area with a little bit of style, a whole lot of fun and that feels cohesive with our adult space. Mostly, this room is our Thomas watching area with the occasional KUWTK when no one else is looking but most importantly, it's our place to hang out and be a family and that's what home is all about ;) 

Workin' on our curb appeal

A friend recently told me that home renovation is like a disease. I think she's probably right. We're only a week into our bathroom reno and I've already started planning what to do with the next one. One project ultimately reveals other areas of your home that also need attention. Or don't really need attention but when you're OCD about interiors you make them need it. 

Since it's trying to be nice outside, Mike and I have been in the yard obsessing over every dandelion and discussing adequate grass length. We are embracing suburbia and I'm not even ashamed. I never thought I could be so proud of a mulched flower bed but man, it's so satisfying, especially when you do it yourself. And since we've been admiring our handiwork in the yard, we've also begun talking about how to make some updates to the exterior of our home. Here's what I have so far (I'll share sources at the reveal)...

Our current door is truly 90s fabulous. Lots of gold and etched glass. Anyone that knows me knows I love brass (see door handle) but this is on another level. So, we're swapping it and the storm door out for something more in the original style of the home like the one shown here. We're removing the numbers off of the gas lamp and adding something similar to these to the brick. The bench is one I've been hoarding for a good ten years now. It was in rough shape so I stained it with some deck stain and feel ok about having it as an outdoor piece. Last is the new outdoor light. Anything is better than the spider infested one of the past and the Edison bulb gives it a little something unexpected. New house paint (still deciding on the color) and we'll be in business...or ready to move on to yet another project. Happy tears.