Black and White nursery

This baby boy is destined for adventure - a nursery project

In true form, I've been plotting another nursery for our home since we moved in. Pinks (maybe?) and creams and natural wood, oh my! I mean what else are we going to do with that fourth room? Welp, folks, this isn't that room but I was super excited to be asked to help a friend put together one for her baby-boy-to-be. Finally, a chance to make some nursery ideas come to life. Others I will save for us (if we're lucky enough for that to happen again and I can start to wrap my brain around how to take care of a baby and a toddler and stay sane...I'm scared).  

Sometimes I'm not really sure how I come up with the rooms that I do. A pillow? A piece of art? Even the littlest thing can set the tone. In this case, it happened that my friend already had a minty green on the walls and an existing crib and changing table in espresso. These were things she wanted to stay. Sometimes that can actually make my job easier. A blank canvas can be exciting but also a little daunting, while fixed objects can at least give a good starting point. 

With those things in place, I wanted a rug that offered a nice contrast to the walls and something that would also work with the dark wood of the furniture. The black and white Ikea rug checked off those boxes. At that point it was sort of a no-brainer to tie in the zebra print and well, why not a whole safari theme? My friends are outdoorsy and I'm willing to bet this kiddo will be on a camping trip by next summer. Maybe not a safari but a hike or a bike down the prairie path for sure. Either way, I think this will suit him just fine. 

Things are moving along nicely. Items are sourced (I'll share when I post after photos), mostly everything is ordered and we're nearing the big day. For me, that's styling day but I think my friend would consider delivery more of her "big day". Fair enough ;) Either way, this baby boy is going to love coming home. I know I'm excited to meet him!