Big Boy Bed

Big brother gets a big boy room

Way, way back when I worked on the One Room Challenge for our baby-to-be (six weeks and counting!), I also worked on a little upgrade to Henry's room. It's been a little nuts around here and blogging has gone by the wayside somewhat but this room is just too fun not to share. Plus @lindseykay_photography came by to take photos and they are so bright and cheery that I had to show them off. 

Henry, now a big, bad three year old seemed a little cramped in his convertible crib. His changing table/dresser was taking up too much room and frankly, I had a vision for the space – truly never not updating our home. Since I am still into the wall color (Oystershell by Benjamin Moore) and quite a few of the other pieces in the room, the change was not huge but I love the results. 

First to go was the crib. I found this black metal bed on of all places. It was easy to assemble, sturdy and doesn't require a box spring. Win! I wanted to play up some of the black accents in the room and it works perfectly to bring it all together.

I had to find a use for the shibori pillow I brought home from HomeGoods so naturally I bought all new bedding. No surprise the sheets and quilt are from Target. I chose the mud cloth throw from @minimalist_shop as another nice black/white accent. I want it for myself but I'm a mom so I'm used to sacrifice (ha). Really though, this room is beginning to look nicer than my own. 

Is it just me or do you guys also beg, borrow or steal from other rooms in the house for furniture and decor? The nightstand is from our guest bedroom and the lamp from our living room. It looks great but then what happens in those other rooms? It's and endless rotation with one room always feeling a little left out.  

With the crib gone, I was left with this giant mostly empty wall. I'm nothing if I'm not a gallery wall aficionado so I threw together his random collection of art and voilà! The banner above his bed from @askyomother was just a no-brainer. The kid truly wakes up like he's going to Disneyworld. Every. Single. Day. It's perfectly Henry and I love it.

Since selling the old dresser, I had to hunt for a smaller piece that fit right under that window. I found this mid-century guy at a local resale shop and it was beat UP. Even I was skeptical that it could be salvaged but I stained the drawer fronts and painted the rest white and I think it turned out great. It's a perfect fit for the space and serves another great purpose of keeping my kid clothes shopping to a minimum. How do they get so many t-shirts anyway? 

Out went the shag Ikea rug and in came this lovely fringe guy from West Elm. Henry was truly excited about this purchase. He'd seen so many new things come for the baby room so when this showed up and it was for him it was like Christmas Day. For like one minute until he realized, meh, it's just a rug, guys. NBD.

The Land of Nod teepee has been around awhile but I still love it. I have visions of our boys hiding out in there reading books and playing together – I can't wait!

Add a cool, old storage trunk from my mother in law and update complete! Henry now has a room that feels more age-appropriate and leaves him with tons of space for pulling out all his books and tossing them to the floor (cry/smile emoji). But really, I'm proud of how it turned out. Henry's world is about to change SO much and we both wanted him to feel just as special as this new guy coming our way. This room now feels so perfectly him – bright, happy and cheerful. Thanks for stopping by to check it out!