Old and new unite - a girl's bedroom reveal

A friend of mine approached me about this room a while back. This was one of those rooms that you sort of forget exists because there isn't really a need for it yet. So nice to have the extra space but also gives you a little anxiety knowing that it's just sitting there in need of some attention. We have one of those rooms. All the mothers in my life keep asking what we'll do with it. Relax, moms, we are working on it. 

Their extra space was intended for their two-year-old daughter. With baby brother moving into the nursery (another fun project coming soon!) it was time to move her into a big girl bedroom. The before pictures pretty much speak for themselves. My goal was to update it as a cheerful and fun spot for their daughter to grow. The only caveat to the design was that it had to somehow incorporate items from my friend's old childhood bedroom. She acquired a fairly extensive collection of Mary Engelbreit pieces as a kid (e.g. quilt wallhanging) and wanted to include them here, now. I felt pretty confident we could pull that off. 

This is where I began. LOTS of Land of Nod, some Target Pillowfort, some DIY and I am always trying to work in some vintage furniture. I love the Pillowfort bedding because it mixes in the navy with the reds and pinks. The Mary Engelbreit palate has a lot of unconventional girl colors which makes me super happy. I do love pink but a little goes a long way. 

For wall color, I chose Serene Breeze by Benjamin Moore. My friend went with her tried and true Livable Green by Sherwin Williams and I think it works really well in the space, too. I still stand by my color choice but it's on the bolder side. If any room in the house can pull off bold color, it's a kid's room... but I get it. If you're paint shopping for a kids room though, consider it. Mint can be a great neutral – think pops of color from toys and books and it beats gray out of the park any day. 

Next to the Land of Nod rocker we set up a little reading spot. You can't beat Ikea for these ledge shelves. We have them in my kiddo's room, too. My friend chose the Ikea Hemnes dresser over the vintage one and I think it's a good alternative. It's a killer to assemble but this guy will last a while – no really, I've had that same dresser in black for at least five years and it has even withstood a move. 

The twin beds belonged to my friend's husband when he was growing up. She was hesitant to use them because they aren't identical but I think they are close enough and also work well to tie in the wood trim in the room. Saving on some pieces also allowed us (them) to splurge on others. Hello campaign nightstand!

Speaking of, the nightstand, lamp, rug and curtains are also from Land of Nod. What more can be said about Land of Nod? They're just kinda brilliant. Do you have to put a rug over carpet? No, but it looks really pretty so why not? 

The gallery wall was another way to work in the Mary Engelbreit. I suggested Framebridge for framing of the larger print and the other frames are Ikea and Target. Know when to splurge on framing. If it's a weird size that could also benefit from a matte, spend the money. If it's standard, there's no reason to get a fancy frame from Pottery Barn when Ikea will do the job. I mixed in the clay pieces here for some textural contrast and because they are also extremely cute. 

We originally bought the shelves here to place over the dresser. My friend's husband had the idea to hang them above the beds and high enough to not be reached by toddler hands. Great idea and a fun way to display her teapot collection. The blank wall space below them scares me a little but I'm starting to be ok with it. There's a lot of pattern in the room so I didn't want it to feel overdone. 

Here's the finished product. It's such a fun and cheerful space. I love that we were able to tie in some things that are precious to everyone while also giving those older things an updated look. This little lady is going to have some pretty epic sleepovers.

Up next, baby boy's room. It's gonna be good, guys ;)