Workin' on our curb appeal

A friend recently told me that home renovation is like a disease. I think she's probably right. We're only a week into our bathroom reno and I've already started planning what to do with the next one. One project ultimately reveals other areas of your home that also need attention. Or don't really need attention but when you're OCD about interiors you make them need it. 

Since it's trying to be nice outside, Mike and I have been in the yard obsessing over every dandelion and discussing adequate grass length. We are embracing suburbia and I'm not even ashamed. I never thought I could be so proud of a mulched flower bed but man, it's so satisfying, especially when you do it yourself. And since we've been admiring our handiwork in the yard, we've also begun talking about how to make some updates to the exterior of our home. Here's what I have so far (I'll share sources at the reveal)...

Our current door is truly 90s fabulous. Lots of gold and etched glass. Anyone that knows me knows I love brass (see door handle) but this is on another level. So, we're swapping it and the storm door out for something more in the original style of the home like the one shown here. We're removing the numbers off of the gas lamp and adding something similar to these to the brick. The bench is one I've been hoarding for a good ten years now. It was in rough shape so I stained it with some deck stain and feel ok about having it as an outdoor piece. Last is the new outdoor light. Anything is better than the spider infested one of the past and the Edison bulb gives it a little something unexpected. New house paint (still deciding on the color) and we'll be in business...or ready to move on to yet another project. Happy tears.