Bathroom planning complete!

A few weeks ago I showed off some bathroom ideas I'd been pinning for our ever-changing home. Replacing a window in the shower turned into a total renovation in no time. Exciting? Yes. Expensive? Also yes. We went marginally low budget on a bathroom renovation in the past and it left us feeling like, well, we had a low budget bathroom. If you read my posts you know I'm not above throwing in a little Ikea here or there (kitchen peninsula) but our last vanity from Ikea warped and chipped in no time. After all that work to get it installed, it was agonizing to see it deteriorate before our eyes. This time around we're stepping it up a bit so we don't have to go back and redo it five years from now. 

Here's what I've been working on. I'll share sources once the renovation is complete. 

Our main bathroom is quite small (thank you 1960's suburban architecture) but coming from a city apartment with only one tiny bath, it's nothing we're not accustomed to. Also, I have a toddler so how often do I shower, really? (haha, no really.) One day we aspire to add a master bath but for now I'm excited to make this space as functional and as pretty as possible. Mike and I thought a lot about ways to add storage to a space that doesn't have any...without it also feeling like the walls are closing in on us. I think this design does just that. I mean check out that niche. So functional! So pretty! I can't wait to show you the finished product. Stay tuned!